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Parkside Manufactured Home Estates Reviews

Submitted by Caroline Underhill on 08/16/2018

caroline Underhill 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Is ok i guess, the trailers are shoo much better then most trailer parks in Blackfoot! We have friends that live here and they are buying their home and have said they are really happy here.

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Erika Gutierrez 5 stars rating.

I love the way they all try to keep the area clean and clutter free. I have lived here for a long time and love the place and the location.

Submitted by Erika Gutierrez on 04/26/2022

Carol Batterton 5 stars rating.

Well kept and friendly would like to live there but you can NOT have big dogs just little ankle bitters. Lol

Submitted by Carol Batterton on 11/06/2021

Angie B 5 stars rating.

Thank you management for the information! I look forward to moving in next year!
Nice park, safe, good location.

Submitted by Angie B on 10/20/2021

Courtney Kreager 3 stars rating.

It used to be nice until the new managers had every tree cut down but other then that it’s a affordable and nice clean and quiet trailer park

Submitted by Courtney Kreager on 12/30/2020