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BuckWagon Junk Removal Reviews

Submitted by Amber And Dawn on 04/21/2023

Amber and Dawn 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We completed a garage organizing job today and East Idaho Junk Removal hauled away several large items including: water heater, mattress and dog house.

They are very professional and great to work with.

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Leanne Spencer 5 stars rating.

Exceptional service with professionalism and personality. This team sets clear guidelines for removal, provides quick, efficient work, and offers their services at reasonable prices. They were our life savers.

Submitted by Leanne Spencer on 07/28/2023

JULIA LEMMON 5 stars rating.

Chris helped me quickly and efficiently. He is a problem solver, making sure everything I needed was taken care of. He is fair and trustworthy. I highly recommend!

Submitted by Julia Lemmon on 07/17/2023

Micheal Funrue 5 stars rating.

Called Chris in the morning, explained the job and had same day service! He was very easy to work with and no BS to deal with. Quote was fair and he did everything he said he’d do. Hire him!

Submitted by Micheal Funrue on 04/18/2023

Clarissa Jackman 5 stars rating.

East Idaho Junk Removal picks up my donation boxes off my porch weekly and donates them for me. It's such a time saver and it keeps me accountable to a decluttering routine.

If you are looking for more time and energy and to reduce your environmental footprint, hiring East Idaho Junk Removal to haul off your junk/clutter is the best way to create more space in your life.

The landfill is their last resort; they strive to recycle and donate everything they can. They also customize their services and pricing to your specific situation, they provide contactless pick up at flexible times for smaller jobs, and they always offer efficient and friendly customer service.

Thank you East Idaho Junk Removal for making my life easier by saving me so much time and hassle!

Submitted by Clarissa Jackman on 03/21/2023