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ModTranz Inc. Reviews

Submitted by Brigitte Wallace on 05/22/2021

Brigitte Wallace 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I was on Caldwell Blvd this morning and the driver tried to come into my lane and I honked my horn to let him know I was there. He flipped me off and the purposely ran me over the center divider into oncoming traffic while flipping me off.

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Jami Harris 1 stars rating.

Saw their truck on I84. He passed us going about 90. He was literally passing and changing lanes like he was in a race car. He tailgated a truck at 85 mph. The driver is extremely dangerous and shouldn't have his license let alone a CDL.

Submitted by Jami Harris on 08/12/2019

burke blaser 5 stars rating.

I have used them for years they are great

Submitted by Burke Blaser on 08/07/2018

Ryan Frank 1 stars rating.


Submitted by Ryan Frank on 07/18/2016