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Dump IT | Garbage Services | East Idaho Reviews

Submitted by Barry Ealson on 06/01/2023

Barry Ealson 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Dump It is by far the best refuse removal company in Idaho. They are on time, considerate of our neighborhood and fair in their pricing.

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Debi Winthers 5 stars rating.

I love the customer service I got today by Austin my driver. I forgot my garbage can today, heard the truck, walked outside to see if it was too late and Austin walked up to my house and got the garbage can. It was a great customer service act on his part… thank you Austin…

Submitted by Debi Winthers on 07/27/2023

Meagan Kelsey 5 stars rating.

Today is garbage day on Kimberly Dr in cloverdale!!! ????????
I made sure to have my garbage out on the corner, my guy with the beard comes, empties my garbage!
Love it, super fast, and with such good vibes my dog doesn’t even bark at him.

I’m out front doing yard work and basically fill my garbage can up immediately, “no problem I’ll just wait until next week!” I tell myself.
I run an errand real quick leaving my garbage on the corner and while I’m gone not only does my wonderful garbage man dump it again but even puts it up against my house for me!!!
Even better, this isn’t the first time that that has happened!
Last summer I forgot to put my garbage out and I came home fully expecting the consequences of my actions but once again Dump It had me covered and my guy (don’t know if it was the same guy or not) had grabbed my garbage dumpt it AND put it back for me.

I was with PSI before and NEVER got this kind of customer service, thank you so so SO much Dump It and more specifically my wonderful garbage man with the red beard you’re the real MVP ????

Submitted by Meagan Kelsey on 06/08/2023

Kerry Cobar 5 stars rating.

What an amazing company! They have been so easy to work with. We've been using them for a year, but when our house flooded we temporarily didn't need their service but they made it so simple to turn the service on and off. They go above and beyond and seriously care. I'm heavily pregnant and forgot to take the trash out today, when the trash collection came, he got out and collected my trash for me. I have never seen a trash collection company EVER do this! I came out to apologize, but he was understanding and even expressed sympathy for what happened to our house. Seriously the best company.

Submitted by Kerry Cobar on 08/17/2022

Mike Waldron 5 stars rating.

I think we all take getting our garbage picked up for granted. It's only garbage right...I've only been with Dump it a few months now, and I am so impressed with them! The office, their drivers, everyone shows they care about me and you. Just today, they are willing to go above and beyond, what I ever thought as normal picking up. Maybe it's not normal what I asked, but they are willing too help me get rid of them..5 stars from me..thank you all..

Submitted by Mike Waldron on 06/09/2022