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J & M Homes LLC Reviews

Submitted by Cara Hancock on 07/30/2021

Cara Hancock 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

If I could give them 0 starts I would. I was buying a manufactured home. Found one I liked, in the price range I liked. I was paying cash. I went in to finalize the purchase a couple of weeks later and they said that the price had gone up. Fair enough. It could happen. I then picked another one that was still in my price range. Signed everything and came back the next day with the deposit. Oh hey, the price went up AGAIN!!! I ended up with a cashiers check later that day at the day before price. Bait and Switch. In addition it took 2 months to get the exterior paint (joining points) painted. I had to threaten to go after their bond when they said they were too busy. Lo and Behold!! It was done the next day.

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Michelle Fawver 5 stars rating.

We are so pleased with the experience we had with J&M Homes. Even with the extended wait and uncertainty of product availability due to COVID, J&M came through with everything we asked for. A big thank you to Dan Shaeffer, Sadie Shaw, Marty Brown, and all the others who worked behind the scenes on our new home. They were very up front with the costs and upgrades. After the home was delivered, if there was something that we weren't pleased with or any damage during the delivery, J&M took care of it very quickly without any haggling. We highly recommend buying your new manufactured home from J&M! And by the way, the home is even more lovely than we expected!

Submitted by Michelle Fawver on 08/10/2022

Karen Alejandrez 5 stars rating.

Helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly people. We were able to sit down and get a hefty amount of information on the process of purchasing and setting up a new home. They were also very transparent about pricing, upgrades, and any modifications that could be made on different models. Highly suggest this place if you’re new to the process and want to gain some valuable information!

Submitted by Karen Alejandrez on 03/07/2022

Rita Trojan 5 stars rating.

Covid has made putting our home together a nightmare for J & M. Communication could be better. Down the final stretch Sadie did a great job of communicating a timeline to finish. More organization on setup and finish crews could be better planned and coordinated, but overall they did a good job. Loved the salesman Leeland. He returned calls and is very good. Have great repertoire with him. He answered all our questions and helped us modify a home to meet our needs.

Submitted by Rita Trojan on 09/23/2020

kale miller 5 stars rating.

J & M homes was absolutely great to work with through the entire process. We just moved into our new home and we love it!! The crew at J & M treated us with respect and were always there when we needed them. They did more than expected and gained our trust very quickly. There recommended vendors and outside contractors were absolutely awesome as well. J & M brings value to the world by helping people’s dreams come true! Special thanks to Marty and Lori, you will always be remembered!

Submitted by Kale Miller on 12/20/2018