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Excavation Oregon Reviews

Submitted by Twin Pear Tutorials on 10/14/2019

Twin Pear Tutorials 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We have hired Sebastian for multiple fencing projects. We always go back to Sebastian because not only is he reliable, communicative, and does top notch work, but the planning process is collaborative. He will stop at decision making points during a project and check in with you about how to proceed. We have particularly appreciated how he takes usability into consideration--such as making sure our large tractor can maneuver into our gates. We've never worked with another contractor who offers that attention to detail. It ensures we're all happy with the finished product! Thank you Sebastian and crew for all of your hard work.

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janette hildebrand 5 stars rating.

Sebastian is a true gem and we recommend him and his Excavation Oregon crew without any reservations. He takes great pride in his work, is punctual in responding and on the job site, and always very professional.
He also has vast knowledge of local flora, codes, fire safety, and building practices which he openly shares to help with on site decision making.
We are astounded with the work Sebastian did preparing our building site. What started as a small plot on a steep hillside is now a greatly enlarged, three tiered site with secondary access roads carved into a densely treed hillside. Importantly, all this was done while preserving the natural beauty of the landscape. Thanks to Sebastian, we will be able to access, enjoy, and protect the majority of our 6 acre parcel.
In addition to his job expertise, Sebastian goes the extra mile by engaging with adjacent neighbors regarding what work is being done; arranging for a land surveyor when we needed one; and enthusiastically meeting us at the property on our schedule.
Lastly, we would like to comment on Sebastian’s fair pricing. He was, by far, the most knowledgeable and least expensive of several local excavators we received bids from.
Sebastian has made our dream retirement home a real possibility and we look forward to working with him further as building begins.

Submitted by Janette Hildebrand on 11/15/2021

Ryan Willits 5 stars rating.

I have nothing but great things to say about Sebastian and his work with Applegate Excavation and fence. He has a can do attitude and uses his experience to get your job done no matter what. I hired sebastian to dig a pad on a steep hillside and put a road in and out. He completed the project in a very timely manner and made sure i was up to date with any concerns he had or recommendations to better facilitate my needs. Sebastian made sure i was aware of and upfront with costs associated with the project, as well as suggestions to save money. I highly reccomend Applegate Excavation and Fence for any project you need done.

Submitted by Ryan Willits on 10/15/2019

David Dobbs 5 stars rating.

We like to patronize the local Applegate businesses so we hired Sebastian again. This time to improve our driveway to meet the needs of the Fire Department on our new house build. Sebastian has the experience to understand the needs of the project, to work through the challenges, to visualize the outcome, and more important to be interactive with the customer’s needs. Overall the project turned at exceptionally well and I’m pleased to be able to utilize my garage now as well as knowing I have a stable, usable driveway during the icy winter months.

Submitted by David Dobbs on 10/15/2019

S Applegate 5 stars rating.

Applegate Excavation completed a ton of fencing around our property last year to keep our animals safe. The finished product is well built and very attractive. We live on a busy road and I have complete confidence in their work. Sebastian is very kind and professional. He and his crew are a pleasure to have around during the process. They are back out next month for another job!

Submitted by S Applegate on 02/26/2018