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McNary Oaks Mobile Home Villa Reviews

Submitted by Mr Clyde on 11/08/2021

Mr Clyde 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Lot Space is $750 + utilities and increases every year, Management, what management? IPG has Martin Howell and his wife as site managers whom are the definition of Lazy, Lying , Unprofessional, thieving and deceitful P.O.S's I've ever encountered! Most tenants whom reside in the park, including myself have encountered the type of behaviors I've mentioned above and regardless of the reports/complaints filed against them IPG continues to turn a blind eye and allow Martin Howell & his wife to keep their job/position while continuing to mistret tenants and neglecting the upkeep on the park as a whole. Not The type of individual's any park owner should have representing their company!!

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Linda MacIntyre 5 stars rating.

My husband and I are selling our home and downsizing. Of all the mobile home parks we have visited, this is our favorite. ❤️

Submitted by Linda Macintyre on 02/01/2023

Sheffield Patti 1 stars rating.

Mcnary oaks has the worst manages, and regional manager . The management doesn't enforce park rules you must sign and agree to before you move in. Drive through the park anytime day and night. What you see is what you will get. It doesn't get any better.
The water is well water. Only 1 shut off valve. Meaning they shut off the water without 24 hours notice, or any notice, you are out of luck. Some tenants pay for water without Meters to regulate how much they use. This is well water it's free water. Not regulated by the city. The water always smells like
stagnant water. Ducks swim in the pool year round. Clubhouse does not have a pool table or exercise equipment as they advertise. The showers and sauna are old and moldy. The pool is not vacuumed or cleaned on a regular basis. Yards are not required to be maintained as the park rules states, along with 90% of other park rules no enforced . It took an article in the Keizer times to do any improvements last year. Now we have another rent increase of $30 every year to pay for these lol improvements.
When you go to the management with concerns about any visible issues. you are a troublemaker. I suggest before buying at mcnary oaks , ask a tenant to get the truth. Be sure you read all park rules ,regulations. and procedures. Ask the management if they enforce the rules to all tenants or just some. It takes
up to 3 months to get a copy of your lease agreement . Make sure you sign and date every page and understand and agree to it. Marty's favorite saying is ," nothing I can do about it."
Mcnary oaks is known for felons, drug activity, unregistered tenants, and multiple police calls.
The manager can't even walk from their house to the office without the golf cart. The office is just across the street. I would give it zero stars if I could . This is supposed to be 55+ park good luck with that too. One of the most
popular questions from tenants is ," just what does

Marty do??"
Same condition as 7 years ago. Please read Mr Clydes review he is correct .

I have gone to onsite management, area management. And the Regional, management,,as well as president of ipg. Nothing has changed in 7 years

I will be retaliated against again for this post. Buyer beware.

Submitted by Sheffield Patti on 01/09/2022

Joanne Butts 5 stars rating.

I live in McNary Mobile Home Villa. I have lived in this 55 and older park for 14 yrs and you know what the best part is ? The park is in great condition, yes, the homes are in great shape, yes , but its my neighbors . I have made the most wonderful friends here . I would say that without the people that I now hold dear to my heart, have been so kind to me and helpful when I'm in a jam there's always been a helping hand , a shoulder to cry on a kind word when I have felt sad and alone these people have always been there for me . Never in my life have I met folks like these, and yet they have also given me my privacy when I've needed it ,which is quit often , So for me , I'm here for the rest of my yrs to enjoy life to the fullest. This house at 123 is for sale, its in really good condition , with only 2 yr old furnace and heat pump, includes air conditioning . She needs some paint but has great bones . ty for letting me comment on McNary Oaks Park and also we are located next to the new Ware-Mart parent co.of Wind-Co and Safeway . One traffic light away from Legacy Health Clinic and one light from Salem Clinic. Same with Hope Ortho Rehab. Eye doctors Dentists etc . right here blocks away ty again jb

Submitted by Joanne Butts on 12/03/2020

Ray King 5 stars rating.

This place is a similar manufactured home park as Salem Greene Estates, but is a much better place as to the management does not issue false evictions, they do not harass the tenants and does not charge you $500.00+ a month for space rent, because this company does not believing in harassing residents, here if you are a resident, and you have an adult child and grandkids you can have then live with you while they are rebuilding their lives after a divorce, I mean can you imagine that your child & grandchildren need help you have the freedom to help your child and grandchildren, this is a true story because I had a friend who was able to move back with her retired parents and receive emotional support and provide a safe place to live while going through a difficult change in life like divorce, Mc Nary Oaks Mobile Home Park, but if you would rather live in a Manufactured Home Park that would not allow their residents the freedom to help adult children during a devistation life change like divorce then McNary Oaks Mobile Home then this is not the place, if you want a place that is run like a dictatorship and you have management in all your business and not allow freedom to help family then you should try Salem Greene Estates, but becareful of the reviews, because most are misleading and trying to get viewer to believe it's a safe clean good place to live, but if you notice how all the positive reviews are recent reviews, very suspicious like the manager is trying to get a bunch of positive reviews which have a picture of some lake but it is not from the park because there is no lake at the park, and notice the negative reviews have multiple likes and the positive review are recent but no likes just saying if you research you will find this to be true

Submitted by Ray King on 02/01/2019