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Clairmont Mobile Home Park Reviews

Submitted by Kelsey Voss on 06/20/2023

Kelsey Voss 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The pool is never open and they need a bigger better playground for thee amount of kiddos that live there.

Hire more or better staff open pool way more often...and build an updated activity filled playground !!!

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Katie Bishop 4 stars rating.

Rent is reasonable and it's right in the middle of town between Fred Meyer and Safeway. Close walking distance to Gaffney Lane Elementary School.

Submitted by Katie Bishop on 08/13/2023

Michelle Fematt 1 stars rating.

The manager is never in the office. Never answers the phone. And doesn't even send out our rent statements. Today is May 5th. Still don't know how much our rent is. It charges due to our water usage. This has been going on for over six months now. Try calling the office no answer. Leave a message. No call back. Tired of it!! Plus, the park looks like a pig style. No one does any mai9. Garbage, trash all over the street. Kids running amuck. Use to be a nice plVe.

Submitted by Michelle Fematt on 05/05/2023

Joanne C 4 stars rating.

We had a tree take out our power. A tree that past managers didn't remove when asked and informed it was too close to the power box. Well, it did. Thankfully, we have a very capable, nice and professional manager now. 10 days w/o power. Park owners promised to repay the electrician bill, they put us up in a motel for a few days and we were able to use the office during the day to stay warm. Thank you, Katie, you rock. You made a terrible situation, less so. We've lived here almost 20yrs. It is home. We appreciate, a lot, when management and owners show care and compassion, especially in stressful situations, whether of our making or yours. Sincerely, thank you.

Submitted by Joanne C on 01/14/2023

Carolyn Bonang 5 stars rating.

I spend 2 months a year here with my son. They have a brand new manager. She was outside working on fallen trees from ice storm. Seems to be hands on. The park is older but most homes are kept up

Submitted by Carolyn Bonang on 02/25/2021