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Oregon Mobile Homes Reviews

Submitted by Dezeri Royce on 06/19/2023

Dezeri Royce 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Very helpful and great to work with.

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John Paul Brehm 1 stars rating.

If you’re looking for a home that’s already been sold looked at this website that’s what they have posted or homes for $1.5 million I didn’t see much in between saw a trailer that needed to be moved I’m sorry manufactured home for $12,000 pictures of the outside but nothing of the interior why is there no pictures of the interior how can they have all five star reviews when everything on their site is either sold or the price of what it cost to build a home in the valley two years ago anywhere from 220 to 330,000 and that is in a park..
Manufactured homes are supposed to be cost effective not the same rate and cost as a stick framed residence that actually has sheet rock in the panel boards or 15 insulation and is basically stationary on a permanent foundation you cannot slap wheels on it and haul it to another lot..
Initial review after looking at their website if I go any further than browsing I’ll come back and fix the review if it merits that I give higher than one star but who has a webpage claiming manufactured homes for sale when basically every single one is sold that just seems ridiculous and it’s wasting my time because I’m not looking for homes that are sold I’m looking for homes that are available and not in a retirement park but a modular home for sale they can be put on a piece of property didn’t see any of those sold one for 12,000 and no pictures of the interior.. I believe it was a 1988 manufactured home so it’s almost as old as I am

Submitted by John Paul Brehm on 05/24/2021

Bethzaida Arreola 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Bethzaida Arreola on 12/27/2014