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A-1 Ott Mobile Home Set-Up Reviews

Submitted by Darin Peterson on 07/23/2020

Darin Peterson 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I sent an email to Ott Trucking on June 11th about moving our home from Veneta to the Oregon Coast, and receivfed a prompt reply from Karen. The response included all costs associated with the move including use of their remote controlled crawler, if needed. Karen gave me the phone number for her husband Jerry, and I called Jerry to discuss the move. Jerry met us at the home and spent about 90 minutes giving us all the information we needed to prepare the home, what would be required for teardown, and explained how to get started. We were not charged for the time Jerry spent educating us about preparing the home to be moved. The land owner threatened a law suit if we didn't have the home off their land by August 1st. Jerry and Karen rearranged their moving schedule twice, so the home could be moved from the current location to the coast before August, 1st. There are so many other things I could list, where Jerry and Karen helped us, but it would make this review too long for anyone to want to read. My family and I cannot thank Jerry and Karen Ott enough for helping us navigate the move. We could not have accomplished this without their help!

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Mitchell Peterson 5 stars rating.

Ott Mobile offers a fantastic service and quick on the job thinking to reduce the stress of every situation. Jerry has a great sense of humor and makes any job go by smoothly. It was a pleasure doing business with him and his wife. They'll be the first ones we turn to when we need help.

Submitted by Mitchell Peterson on 07/27/2020

Don Grossarth 5 stars rating.

When I needed information on tying down a manufactured home, they were knowledgeable and professional. More than willing to share information and knowledge on setting up a home. This helped us out a lot. I will recommend them in the future.

Submitted by Don Grossarth on 07/26/2019

Karen Ott 5 stars rating.

I was there, the road was passable(I and another pilot did pass by the home several times, all you had to do is ask how to get around it.

As far as A1 Ott Mobile Home Set-up they did not haul the house, or start the placement of the house their Trucking division was called in to help the other operator who's machine wasn't big enough to handle the size of home 14'6" wide x 66' long+ the tong + the crawler length and 15' tall on this road/driveway not much wide than the home its self.

The person making this comment wasn't even there until the home was parked. Thank you for giving us a star like you do your students. You may be a teacher but you DO NOT HAVE the education or experience to say if this job could or should of been done differently. We invite you to come to our next delivery and help us so that you can understand and get the education of what it takes to park a manufactured home- throw the landing mats under the tires in the rain & mud for 5 hour so that it doesn't tear up the roads and damage the home. Please you are more than welcome to come get the training with our crew.

And the driveway-- one that is in need of some maintenance before the home arrived. It was brought to our attention that the road committee has been collecting funds to fix the road when the rain stops before the home even was scheduled to be delivered.

Anyone who wants more information on placing homes please call us and any and all are welcome to ride along with us and or come watch what our guys go through to make someones dreams come true.

It is never our intent to upset anyone during placing a house, most people are pretty patient and understanding and excited for their new neighbors, but there occasionally one that isn't happy.

Submitted by Karen Ott on 04/18/2018

Tracy Engholm 1 stars rating.

Recently this company and another moved a manufactured home onto a new homesite on our road. This took place in April in Oregon. It is very wet here this time of year, we have a gravel road with a bridge. They ended up blocking our one lane road for 6+ hours! They ran over ditches, drove on grass, had to cut down a tree, mucked up the sides of our road, left clumps of sod here and there, bent a guy-wire for a utility pole, and mushed out the sides of the road. Then one of the owners of the trucking company went on social media and berated the folks that live on our road for not being patient. On social media I was told they would be back the next day; they were to work on the home, not fix the road.

Submitted by Tracy Engholm on 04/17/2018