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7 Lakes Mobile Home Park Reviews

Submitted by Alis Parris on 11/20/2017

Alis Parris 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This place doesn't feel or look like a "Senior Park". Lots of green spaces and it's well kept.

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kevin mcmillan 5 stars rating.

very nice quite comfortable friendly community

Submitted by Kevin Mcmillan on 09/02/2022

Bill Rist 5 stars rating.

Wonderful place to live. Highly recommend. Owner takes good care of the grounds and common areas. .

Submitted by Bill Rist on 06/15/2021

Rose Raintree 4 stars rating.

I lived in this trailer park for seven years I loved my home probably wouldn't have left it if it hadn't been for some health issues and that made it hard for me to keep it up but it's probably one of the best senior parks in the area

Submitted by Rose Raintree on 03/03/2021

witheredlily 5 stars rating.

Wonderful place so quit my grandparents lived there for over 20 years till there passing

Submitted by Witheredlily on 05/23/2017