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White River Estates Reviews

Submitted by Stacy Brown on 03/21/2023

stacy brown 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The after hours noise continues. Two close neighbors rev engines and blare music during any given time of the night and the management team doesn't do anything about it. There has been reports filed, calls made, letters sent in and the neighbors still get to do whatever they want. Example A:: 11:45pm and one neighbor is thumping loud music. Management won't do anything about it because this is well over the 20th time or so this neighbor has made such noise.

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David Huffman 5 stars rating.

I had a friend that lived here a couple years ago and when I stopped in there to see how she was doing, I remembered how clean and overall nicer this mobile home community is compared to similar places,

Submitted by David Huffman on 11/02/2022

greg almy 1 stars rating.

i have lived here for over 30yrs. i do not feel safe anymore. very loud music, car revving and racing the streets. manager does nothing even after many people have reported it .music that rattles windows. do not move in here. i just call manager that the man with loud music and revving car sat in front of my house 2 times. she said she would not even write him a note to tell him to stop. well it has been awhile sinnce i wrote this nothing has change people still speed up onn 300 block and 600 block, the party till past one in the mornihg, drink, loud music .now they have added throwing up on the street. I know its in front of mine real class place. also all the speeding up here someone is going to be hit. maybe when that hap[pens and they get sued they will do something becauce tha manager will not!!!!!

Submitted by Greg Almy on 10/30/2022

Julie Jorgensen 5 stars rating.

Im from up north. I drove all the way down there to buy a wood from a resident that, except while I was there, doesnt work. It started fine and ran but after I got home I could only get it going once and it hasn't run again since.

That, however, has nothing to do with the neighborhood. So I will say it was super easy to find, I didn't seem garbage all over the place, most people seemed friendly enough, and nobody harassed me when I parked my Chevy Silverado 1500 mostly in the street right in front of the wood chippers house. Nobody complained when we started it up and ran it.

I doubt I'll ever revisit as my trip there was just for the wood chipper. Although I am curious if there are any mobiles available for sale to be moved lol :)

Submitted by Julie Jorgensen on 11/04/2021

Raymond Karen Pack 1 stars rating.

Owner doesn’t care about tenants in park. He hires managers with no experience that have no idea of Washington law. Good people live there. Too many code violations park doesn’t fix for safety of residents.

Submitted by Raymond Karen Pack on 08/12/2018