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On Level Services Reviews

Submitted by Conrad on 10/26/2022

Conrad 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The greatest company I’ve come across for residential needs. They are professional, thorough, and provide helpful suggestions. They inspected and re-leveled our doublewide in under three hours. I highly recommend.

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K S 1 stars rating.

We reached out to Steve for leveling services due to the marriage seam on our manufactured home separating. In our initial email to Steve, we specifically discussed the seam issue and he told us that leveling the home may or may not correct it and that if it didn’t then there would be an additional fee to get it flush again.

When the technician (not Steve) came to complete the work, we specifically pointed out the seam. He leveled the home but the seam did not correct itself. Instead of completing additional work on the seam, as agreed upon via email, he left.

When I reached out to Steve, he wanted to charge us $299 to return to our home and fix the seam, telling us that if the technician had completed it while here for the leveling service, it would have only been $75. I pointed out that the whole reason we contacted him was because of the seam and that it didn’t seem fair for him to charge us more to return when the work should have been completed initially. He did not respond to that email which was sent over a week ago and has stopped responding all together.

UPDATE: Although Steve responded to my original review indicating there was a problem with his technician, multiple attempts to contact him to fix the issue have been unsuccessful. He did send me an e-mail indicating he wanted to charge me even more $$ to correct what should have been done initially. If you can, I'd suggest steering clear of On Level Services and finding someone else.

Submitted by K S on 04/01/2023

Daisha H 5 stars rating.

I dont normally do these reviews, but I am so very
impressed w this company. it was cuz "steve" responded w/ a straight forward breakdown & explanation of cost & what was likely going on w/ our home, that we chose this company. and "kevin" (the gentleman who did the work) he took the time to explain & answer ALL our questions & even warn us of possible disturbances n the skirting & belly band, ect... I absolutely recommend this company & will use them again in the future!

Submitted by Daisha H on 10/30/2022

shawn cooper 2 stars rating.

Had a level done ($1k) and that ended up causing more issues with my house. That was not the fault of On level though, but the fault of the contractor that remodeled it not leveling it before making changes.

However, i had On level come out to fix those issues including bowing in my floor at the edges and the fact that my kitchen now creeks and my cabinets are pulling away from the ceiling. $5200 later and i still have the same problems.

I understand that my home is old but also know that these items can be fixed. Heard a pillar fall one night and sent a picture and asked if it was placed by the team and still have not gotten a reply.

Some of my original issues were not their fault but after paying them to fix those issues without any change to the issues that were caused by the leveling i can't recommend them.

In reply to the owner.
There was no change to my kitchen after the perimeter blocks were added. That issue had nothing to do with any bowing in the floor joists. Also my kitchen did not creak when i walked into it before the level or the perimeter piers were added, yet it still does after. One should not assume that the other does not understand the structural requirements and what is causing the issues I am having. You responded to my email on 2/5/21 to say you would check with your team and then i never heard back from you.

Submitted by Shawn Cooper on 03/22/2021

CC Erickson 5 stars rating.

Joe came to my mothers house today to inspect the leveling for her manufactured home. He was so kind and personable, and provided amazing customer service! He could have charged her for unnecessary work, but said no work was needed after inspection. Joe could have charged upwards of $300 for his time, but, instead, said services were free of charge! We were amazed by the integrity of this family owned business, and will continue to refer to On-Level!

Submitted by Cc Erickson on 10/30/2020