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A-1 Hauling and Site Clean-up Reviews

Submitted by G.P. “Buzz” Avery on 07/14/2022

G.P. “Buzz” Avery 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I found A-1 to be completely friendly and accessible which says a lot about them. They did all the work as outlined in the contract and needed limited feedback. They encountered a mistake I make in a bearing wall and shored up the wall without needing to ask me. So, there are a perfect company and had only a couple of issues. I felt the price started too high. As it went along, additional jobs were added without increase cost so that the total work was about what it would have cost had everything been listed from the start. There was a minor communication problem with salvage materials but they recycle what they can at their yard and saved salvage wood and returned it to me after I discovered the error. Scheduling was thrown off a little by Covid and they forgot to notify me they would be missing a couple of days for unknown reason at the time. All-in-all, I would hire them again with more specific instructions on my part.

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Susan Peake 5 stars rating.

I hired A1 Hauling & Site Clean up to haul away some stuff for us, they were prompt, which is very important to me and their employees had such a great attitude, I would highly recommend them.

Submitted by Susan Peake on 08/04/2023

Drew 5 stars rating.

A-1 took down a big rotting double car garage this past spring. They were fast and communicative and made a big messy project go smoothly. I highly recommend them!

Submitted by Drew on 09/01/2022

Casey Cox 5 stars rating.

Excellent moving company! They are a family-owned business and very professional and friendly, upfront and honest. They came by a few days before the move to look over the job and give us an accurate quote. They were pretty much spot-on. They arrived on time, worked extremely hard, and got the grueling job done without any mistakes or damage. They had to park on the street because our driveway was too steep, so they hauled everything by hand up the driveway, then throughout all 3.5 levels of our home, without once losing their smiles and upbeat attitude. I seriously recommend these people, way more affordable than the bigger moving companies and much better service - a no-brainer! Thank you A-1!

Submitted by Casey Cox on 04/03/2020

Ariel Policano 5 stars rating.

Courteous and fast, they called ahead to let me know they were on the way. So glad to have the yard clean again, well worth it. Highly recommend!

Submitted by Ariel Policano on 08/01/2017