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Ct Wilson Mobile Home Transport Reviews

Submitted by Michael G Partridge on 07/20/2023

Michael G Partridge 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

These guys are the real deal, just fantastic. Tom and Scott are terrific, I had the best time meeting and working with them. I had a particularly time-sensitive delivery over the pass in sketchy weather and Tom made it happen. Scott became a fast friend and it was just a great day and super experience all-around. The work CT Wilson does is REAL WORK and the skills and heart they brought to bear on my project made a real impact on my life. Really impressive. In short, I love and respect these guys and I am very lucky to have met them. I am pleased to be able to write this review. They will always get my highest recommendation!

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Ben Kofoed 5 stars rating.

So Grateful! Thanks Tom for delivering our home! Looking forward to setting it up with you after a few more steps on our end. Tom got it done in a timely manner, and the factory was as impressed as I was with his new truck. Please remember that these guys are busy because they are good, and in demand, so text call them in the evening if you want a quick response. They are driving so expect them not to be able to answer until they are not driving. Thanks again Tom and crew!

Submitted by Ben Kofoed on 07/29/2022

BOSS OF BASKETBALL basketball 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Boss Of Basketball Basketball on 11/09/2021

Sandra Colleen 1 stars rating.

In my opinion Tom Wilson is an unethical businessman, liar, barely above a thief. Our first attempt of doing business was making a deal on purchasing a mover, to be moved and installed by Tom the following week. After two weeks of unreturned calls I saw what was to be our home for sale on craigslist by another reseller/installer. Turns out with no consideration of us, nor communication he sold the home to other contractor the day after our deal was made. Our second and surely last attempt of doing business with this joker was hiring Tom to bring his crawler a couple miles to our homesite to pull halves of double wide into place, crossing less than 200' of open space. Not only was Tom an offensive jerk entire time, he thoughtlessly and at rapid speed found the only stump around, rammed our home into and over the stump, bending the frame and breaking two trusses. Bonus, he picked up a handful of rocks I had collected and put them in his pocket when leaving with our cash. My recommendation is never allow him on property, for anything.

Submitted by Sandra Colleen on 09/26/2021

odah 1 stars rating.

Paid them all the money for the move and after a whole month and 15 days still not in place, every time I said Somthing he would threaten me with waiting longer, now it's winter and home is damaged after move, liars don't trust them! I am talking to lawyer now for damages, they don't care about family's, kids are sleeping in a little camper.

Submitted by Odah on 11/08/2018