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Mobile Manor Reviews

Submitted by QuietNightMare1 on 07/11/2023

QuietNightMare1 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

water problems and number 1problem is how rude , intimidating, harassful and very unhelpful the manager of the park is.

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Diane Tallent 5 stars rating.

Manager Mike is nice. Quiet park.
I am enjoying living here. My home is my haven.6 months in, still good.

Submitted by Diane Tallent on 05/04/2023

craig leonard 4 stars rating.

I never thought I would like living in a park like this. But it is so nice, quiet, and people are so friendly. Coming from a larger community with large family homes I wanted to “downsize” my living experience. Well I have!!! Very nice place “Mobile Manor”. The superintendent is really on the ball. He solves issues before we know there is an issue. How do I know??? Because we don’t have problems. I would recommend to anyone to move in this manor,

Submitted by Craig Leonard on 11/17/2022

willie russell 1 stars rating.

Serious water issues the park has. The owners have restricted water to homes in order to protect thie waters lines. 25 to 32 psi and the pressure will surge thus bursting pipes of mobile homes. Owners also charge 3.75 to mail your water bill to you.Owner and manager are not truthful to these older homeowners. Water shut off with no warnings for hours. It's not a place to live as they are charging but altering the water flow. Do not lease a spot here

Submitted by Willie Russell on 12/17/2019

Tracey Kalista 5 stars rating.

We bought a mobile here in the spring and the space rent is reasonable. Most neibors are quiet here and will say hello when passing by. Only problem we have is we have some close neibors that like to smoke on their back porch and the smoke will come right into our front door or linger under our carports which I hate the smell of. Wish they would do it on their front porch instead. Kinda makes you sick to smell it so often.

Submitted by Tracey Kalista on 08/02/2016