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Submitted by Rand Baker on 06/20/2023

Rand Baker 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Roxanne Reyes at HD Mt. Vernon, WA has been very professional, knowledgable, hard working and most pleasant to work with. She has really "gone the extra mile" for me, and it is with great pleasure that I give her and Kelly the highest rating possible.

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Dan McCutcheon 5 stars rating.

My wife and I purchased a home from Roxanne Reyes at Homes Direct around October and we have been living in it for 2 months now. It was delivered in April. We LOVE our place and Roxanne is a big part of that. First of all we got to design how we wanted the layout which has been a homerun all the way and we love the adds that we did. Roxanne suggested little touches that we didn't even think about and we totally appreciate the fact that she did as far as functionality and storage. Second, this is a long process, and your first design might not be your last design. Roxanne helped us through these challenges to get to where we wanted to be with our end product. She was a great liason between us and the manufacturer to make sure that all the details were locked in. Third...Roxanne was a great in between for us and the contractor that was assigned to our install, took care of transport and made sure that we were taken care of till the day it dropped. Lastly, this is an emotional process, with both highs and lows...this isn't like buying a car off the car lot the day you purchase it....there is alot of hurry up and wait, there are unforeseen circumstances, and general challenges that come up as in any stick built or manufactured situation and she really helped us get though it with her energy, positivity and honesty. We love her...she's the best and recommend her to anyone looking to get into a home like this. I can't forget Heather Smith who is the person who takes care of the finishing details of the house after it's dropped. She is a busy gal with a slew of installs going on and really goes the extra mile. Contractors are slammed and she still gets them scheduled in to make sure that all the punchlist items get taken care of. She's easy to get ahold of and she's always great to talk to on the phone and super understanding of whatever situation comes up. Her job is a thankless one and she rises to the occasion.
Just a side note for anyone embarking on purchasing a manufactured home...or just any new build of any kind. This is an emotional journey as I said earlier. It just doesn't happen overnight. You are not the only person ordering one of these homes and there are going to be good and bad surprises and some fulfilled and unfulfilled expectations. There are going to be phone calls answered and some not and your persistence AND patience is going to be required. Trust the process and surround yourself with a good team to help get you into the endzone...that's Homes Direct. Thanks Roxanne and Heather!

Submitted by Dan Mccutcheon on 07/27/2023

Sara Lentz 5 stars rating.

Thank you Homes Direct for all the information. Mark Adam's sat down with us and really listened to our needs. We'll be heading back there this weekend. We appreciate you taking the time to break down some of the process and showing us several options of homes.

Submitted by Sara Lentz on 06/26/2023

Valerie “Val” Krotzer Reed 1 stars rating.

Roxanne Reyes is always available to answer questions and she is helping me and my husband throughout this process of us purchasing a new home. Homes Direct is definitely the place to go for a home purchase.
This was a 5 star review but now I'm wondering if I should buy my home somewhere else. Between the phone calls and emails not returned it is getting beyond ridiculous. Also the price in one location is different from the other if it's the same company it should be the same price not $14,000 different.

Submitted by Valerie “val” Krotzer Reed on 04/15/2023

T Jackson 5 stars rating.

Gary is an amazing asset to Homes Direct. He has been working with us a few years now making sure we get everything in order we need. Living on an island has its challenges and Gary is helping thru them all. Hats off to you my friend

Submitted by T Jackson on 03/28/2023