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Mt Si Mobile Home Park Reviews

Submitted by Mike Wall on 07/27/2023

Mike Wall 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Just made a delivery there! Felt safe lol

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Heidi Petrick 5 stars rating.

Peaceful, airy, wonderful view of the mountains. One of two choices I have since I must move.

Submitted by Heidi Petrick on 04/30/2023

Ashley Meek 5 stars rating.

Fast and fresh today. So pleased with the drive thru experience at about 3:30pm today

Submitted by Ashley Meek on 02/01/2023

Barbara Lewis 5 stars rating.

I love to visit my friend and her Scottish Terrier, "Katie Couric" at the Mt. Si Mobile Home Park! The extraordinary views, the darling town of North Bend, and the tidy, well kept homes in the park make this place splendid!

Submitted by Barbara Lewis on 10/31/2021

Colleen Barker-Cohn 3 stars rating.

I think the buildings are too close together; otherwise it is kept clean. Visitor parking is greatly needed; we were asked, " How long are these vehicles going to be parked here?" We were talking to relatives after loading up household goods to move family members. IF there was more focus on what people need in their solace & not on "how much money could be made if we crammed another trailer home into this space." Sad sad sad.

Submitted by Colleen Barker-cohn on 03/01/2021