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Orchard Bluff Mobile Home Reviews

Submitted by Williams Paul on 07/26/2023

Williams Paul 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Clean, quiet place too call home. I'm thinking I may have made the right decision.

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Lynn Gagg 5 stars rating.

Nice quiet mobile home park to live for 55+ it’s tucked out of the way so there’s no traffic

Submitted by Lynn Gagg on 07/02/2023

richard merritt 5 stars rating.

Very nice park..just starting the Cherry Blossom display..

Submitted by Richard Merritt on 04/18/2022

Jill Ryan 4 stars rating.

I am at Orchard Bluff almost daily, spending time with my Mom. She purchased an older double-wide in there when she moved back to this area 4 yrs ago. She isn't able to walk very far, or even just stand in place for more than a few minutes, so, she's only been able to meet a few the neighbors, mainly, the ones living closest to her lot, and they are all very nice folks...most of them wave, or will even stop to say hi, and chat with her for a while if they see her sitting outside on the deck. Because the park doesn't permit any type of soliciting, seeing random strangers wandering through is uncommon, so, for the most part, this is a really nice senior community. It's clean, decently maintained, and it's friendly residents keep an eye out for each other, like neighbors use to, back when I was a kid. It's close to stores, restaurants, her doctors office, and my house, too! She is comfortable, and feels safe living there, and that's the most important thing. If I could make one change at Orchard Bluff, it would be to add at least one more street light in the very back of the park. It is extremely dark there unless everyone keeps porch or carport lights on all night, especially on moonless nights, and traveling to or from the car, shed, is a bit creepy, even for me.

Submitted by Jill Ryan on 01/26/2022

Carli Meurs 5 stars rating.

The homeowners and property management staff here are so super nice! Michelle, the manager, truly cares about the residents and making sure they have a nice, engaging community to live in. You can tell the people here care about their homes.

Submitted by Carli Meurs on 02/28/2018