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GreenPod - Modular ADU and Tiny Home Builder Reviews

Submitted by Cary Daly on 06/29/2023

Cary Daly 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Probably the best custom home builder I've ever worked with. Stellar customer service and a beautiful home. I'm not sure why some of the negative reviews mention communication issues, maybe this was a problem in the past but it's definitely not a problem now. We had them build our ADU to rent out in the backyard and it turned out beautiful. We wanted something efficient and sustainable and greenpod totally delivered. If we ever build a similar tiny home project (or any home for that matter) in the future we will absolutely go with them again.

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sue toner 5 stars rating.

We worked with Greenpod and found their architect to be innovative and friendly.

Submitted by Sue Toner on 08/29/2023

karen wylde 5 stars rating.

Greenpod took a personal interest in making sure I was happy with all their work. They went above and beyond in making sure my home was totally turn key ready which is what I wanted. They even added little details that made the property and home more beautiful than I had asked for.
From getting permits to installing curtains, and everything in between, they were on the ball.
My property had some challenges because it's steep and across from Hood Canal so it wasn't always easy. We were also building during the worst of the Covid pandemic which had it's own challenges. Nearly every week supplies would go up price so I
had to pay more than I first expected. However, talking to others who were building at the same time said they were experiencing the same thing. Greenpod really took the stress out of the process for me which I appreciated immensely.
The home itself is exactly what I wanted. The construction looks and feels great. The landscaping is also exactly what I wanted.
I would highly recommend Greenpod as they take that special personal interest, are super easy to work with, and go above and beyond. Plus their homes are super well insulated and they use "green" materials.
Thanks so much to the team at Greenpod. I LOVE my new house! Karen

Submitted by Karen Wylde on 07/13/2023

Bonnie Toye 5 stars rating.

Love that this company solely uses SIP panels! Definitely a dedicated eco-building company, for sure. When I first took the tour of their display house, I was amazed at how energy efficient the build was. It was freezing outside that day! And stepping in, I instantly thawed out..(it wasn't even heated!) Honestly, I never realized how important good insulation was until that moment. I also especially loved how they consider their builds, "art we live in." They really seem to care about the finer details of a build, from initial design, all the way through the building process. Definitely shows in the end results. And lastly they are a woman owned company! Love that so much.. especially a building company! I feel like thats pretty rare.
Well worth scheduling a tour if your'e seriously considering building.

Submitted by Bonnie Toye on 06/02/2023

jim toner 5 stars rating.

Ann & her team have been exceptionally pleasant & hard working on our house project. I haven't experienced any issues with rudeness or inability to communicate with them as other reviewers have stated. Very excited to see our unique & beautiful home completed. The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone & the building process has suffered, but not due to GreenPod.

Submitted by Jim Toner on 07/20/2020