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G Grace Junk Removal Reviews

Submitted by E Q on 07/27/2023

E Q 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

My house incurred water damage, requiring the removal of fixtures, flooring material and miscellaneous items. My initial call to schedule was courteous and accommodating, providing next-day service. G Grace quoted me a VERY affordable rate, measured against the speedy and professionalism by their friendly crew. I would definitely recommend them for junk removal and will utilize their fantastic services in the future.
(pict shows area of haul away site post removal)

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Elisha Tirey 5 stars rating.

This is by far the best local junk removal company. NOT only do you know you will get the lowest price in the industry, they're SO responsive, helpful and professional. I called and had a very small budget and they did what they could to work with me. Very much appreciated.

Submitted by Elisha Tirey on 07/25/2023

kim mac 5 stars rating.

I spur-of-the-moment bought some couches and needed my old ones removed. I thought about driving all the way to Home Depot, renting a truck, loading the couches myself, going to the dump, waiting in line on a Saturday, unloading the couches, and then paying the dump. But I found this service and they were able to get to my house less than 2 hours after I called-on a Saturday no less. The guy was courteous in driving slowly through our neighborhood because there were a bunch of kids out playing. He was very polite, loaded the couches in minutes, and then let me know how he was planning on turning around and driving out of the neighborhood so I could keep the kiddos safe on the sidewalks. I will need stuff hauled in the future and will definitely call this company again. Great customer service both on the phone and in person, quick service, and well priced. Highly recommend!!!

Submitted by Kim Mac on 06/24/2023

Misty Rader 5 stars rating.

We called these guys yesterday- and today our hot tub was removed. We called several companies and their prices we're more affordable. They helped me move stuff, took some more stuff, and cleaned up very quickly and efficiently. We will definitely be using them again. Highly recommend!

Submitted by Misty Rader on 06/23/2023