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Golden Rose Manufactured Housing Community Reviews

Submitted by Jessica Watson (Psychomelon) on 07/27/2022

Jessica Watson (Psychomelon) 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

My grandparents have been here for 12 years and love it. They are sad that they had to remove the trees in their back area because of the sewer, but over all they love it.

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Ann Lloyd-Zaralidis 5 stars rating.

Lovely area. Saleslady fab. Land rental fee with no cap, scary.

Submitted by Ann Lloyd-zaralidis on 05/19/2023

Sharon Price 4 stars rating.

No rentals but several homes for sale new and used

Submitted by Sharon Price on 04/23/2023

Steve Kath 1 stars rating.

Read the complaints on the better business bureau to see examples of their horrible mangers and parks. They like to bully older sick residents. Asked the state to investigate.

Submitted by Steve Kath on 03/06/2022

Steve Kath 1 stars rating.

Horrible management. We have heard of multiple cases of what I consider elder abuse by Cal Am upon the residents here. They constantly ignore the protections afforded renters by the State of Washington RCWs, as they are an out of state ignorant landlord.

Submitted by Steve Kath on 09/21/2021